Monday, July 28, 2014

The Learning Curve

Here I am several weeks into leading a book study/chat (my first) and I am filled with a mix of emotions.  I honestly thought that this was a no-brainer!  Summer reading...perfect topic for the "down time" in schools...the continuation of a year-long discussion.  Not so much!  To this point, 4 other participants.  These questions immediately pop into my head.

**Was the book choice (Digital Leadership) right?

    • I stand firm on this one.  The book was right for me and the few others that have participated so far.  The chapter topics and designing appropriate questions each week to this point have been eye-opening.  I have never read a book with such depth as I have over the past 2 months (kind of ashamed to actually put that into print)
**Broader audience next time?
    • Assuming that folks who have had limited interest/experience with Twitter would jump both feet into the deep end was a stretch.  Those that have participated to this point did not surprise me.
**Too aggressive timing/schedule?
    • To some extent, as I reflect, perhaps the summer was NOT the best timing  Or it certainly could have been the schedule...early on a weekly chat.  Was the 9 pm time slot too late? Too early?
What have I taken away from all of this.  
  • I have participated in more Twitter chats in the last 2 months than the previous 12 combined.
  • The school I serve has both a Facebook and Instagram account (Likes and Followers) with several posts on each.
  • I've entered the blogging world to share my journey and growth.
  • I am more excited about what the future holds as I continue to grow and help lead our students in a digitally responsible way.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An important story to tell...OURS.

So today marks the first day of a new chapter in my professional career.  I am now officially the assistant principal at my district's junior high.  For the past 4 years I had the honor of serving as the assistant principal at our largest elementary school.  During the last year, I have become more connected through Twitter and evangelized this to my colleagues (as well as anyone who would listen).  I was anxious to take another step outside my comfort zone.
Recently, I approached my superintendent with the idea of expanding the school's social media presence.  I realized that not all of my fellow administrators would be eager for that journey...but I'm not them...I needed to do it...our community needs it.  I presented that I would charge forward and lead the way.  Model what I have been saying for the past year.  Still, until just a few days ago I wasn't committed.  Sure there was already a Twitter account and I created an Instagram account as well.  But the Facebook page was left unpublished.  Today I read this post from Dr. Spike Cook...

Thank you @ChrisWejr and @DrSpikeCook for sharing.  Thank you @deisley_scott for supporting growth.  While I didn't realize it 3 weeks ago, the sentiments of that parent is EXACTLY why this journey is so important.